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I love travelling at the request of my clients and I am always passport ready.  Let’s not allow the confines of everyday life prevent us from exploring a new surrounding or each-other. I’m happy to accompany you in your hometown, on a business trip, to a conference or on an out-of-town getaway, if requested. 

Please note the following:

Pre-booking and screening are required.  The minimum scheduled time for a FMTY date is 24 hours.

A healthy sleep schedule is important to me, therefore, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night is required.

Upscale accommodations are required.

First class or business class flights are appreciated.

The cost for flights, accommodation, ride-share, meals and excursions/social outings are to be covered by you.

Flights, accommodation and ride-share costs are separate from my companion rates and are to be booked by me. 

Accommodation may be booked by you if previously discussed and agreed upon.

Please see Donation page for rates.

Please see Etiquette/FAQ page for deposit and cancellation policies.

Contact me for further details. 

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