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I love spending time with a person who appreciates the art of seduction.  Never one to reveal too much, too soon, you’ll find that when you spend time with me, you’re whisked away into a private world of anticipation, desire and romance.

When we first meet, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and embrace which will make you feel like you’re returning to a long-lost lover.   As we settle into our time together, meaningful gazes, light touches and deep conversation with an intelligent woman who can go toe-to-toe will put you at ease, yet at the same time challenge you, making you wonder if I’m fiery and out-spoken or quiet and demure in our more intimate moments…or, perhaps both.

You’ll quickly realize that the topics we discuss are a bit of foreplay and the many years spent in the corporate world has formed a woman who has the ability to be a chameleon.  Someone who can fit in at any corporate function, yet who hasn’t let the structure and nuances of the business world dull her zest for life, passion for real connections or intense need to take and be taken to the crest of ultimate desire.

As the date progresses, conversation turns into intimate whispers.  Shared moments of discovery with me turn into something more intense, passionate and warm.  As your lips and hands touch my smooth, soft skin and delicate, feminine curves, you soon realize that there’s two sides to me and wonder how it’s possible as you’re taken to a distant world filled with allure, enticement and sensual gratification.  Every move I make is slow, sensual and filled with soft moans and waves of pleasure.  As you teeter on the precipice, you wonder if there’s more to be experienced.  Falling over the edge into the pool of desire that has been built up and is finally being released, you realize the answer to that question is ‘yes’.  Afterwards, drowned in bliss and afterglow, you’ll remember the sweet moments we shared…the brush of my lips against yours, the laughter, and feeing like you could lay in bed with me forever, talking about anything and everything, kissing, cuddling and chatting like we’ve known each-other forever.  You’ll appreciate my need for confidentiality and discretion, as you feel the same, and wonder when you can see me again to continue the journey of making unforgettable memories.

I look forward to making new memories with you.



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